I watched at least 10 films in the past two weeks or so; new ones, old ones, animation films and so on and so on.
I know I don’t talk about the tv-shows that I watch, but I really watch alot, and I feel like I watched everything good possible, so I’m out of ideas… There are just the new show and upcoming that I watch now, other stuff are just stuff I already watched. YAY! :/ I can’t live with that. NIGHT SHIFT HAS NINE HOURS PEOPLE!
I can’t be impressed by anything right now. But fortunately I can watch all the good stuff muliple times just ‘cos it makes me happy.

I’ma give you some stuff here worth watching for if you work night shift, have insomnia or something like that :3 

These are all classics. Nothing really special to say about them, except that this is all good.

And ther is also animation film festival going on in Ljubljana called Animateka, so I’m spending my evnings there for this week. Today I watched wining selections from the last years Balkanian festivals, and Max Anderssons Tito on ice, everything was pretty cool. 

Ok, thats about it!
Peace out, hit me up for any questions yo!

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